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Fake Cartier Watches made the first ever solid gold Speedmaster. The 1014 pieces were made, with 32 of them being gifted to NASA astronauts or government officials who contributed to the Apollo missions.

The 2019 tribute is a solid-gold Speedmaster with all the details of its predecessor, including the burgundy bezel with DON, black hour marks, OM-Swiss OM printed at the bottom of dial, Fake Cartier Watches logo applied, Fake Cartier Watches printed in the oval O, and even the ribbing of the clasp on the bracelet.

The bezel has been changed to ceramic, with Fake Cartier Watches Ceragold (tm) being used for the tachymeter. The brand's proprietary 18K Moonshine (Fake Cartier watches) gold alloy is now used for the case and bracelet. It contains palladium to provide hardness and protect the material from discoloration due to oxidation.

The watch's movement is also brand new: the 2019 Coaxial Master Chronometer, Caliber 3861. It features Moonshine (tm) gold-treated plates and bridges for the special finish.

Here's more information about the Speedmaster Apollo 11 Limited Edition Moonshine (tm) Gold 50th Anniversary Edition.

May 17, 2019 -- Speedmaster Apollo 11 Limited Edition

Speedmaster Apollo 11, Limited Edition 50th Anniversary in Steel

The Speedmaster Apollo 11 Limited Edition was introduced at Time to Move after Fake Cartier Watches showcased their entire collection of 2019 novelty watches.

The 105.012 is the inspiration for the commemorative watch, but it has been enhanced with a few special details. The black DON Ceramic bezel features an Fake Cartier Watches tachymeter Fake Cartier Watches Ceragold (Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches). This 42mm steel case and flat-link strap is a great choice.